Friday, 14 June 2013

Working remotely - the joys of technology

I often speak to clients and professional introducers about the investment I have made and continue to do so in technology. This is of course helped massively by the fact that tech is one of my passions and I'm an avid 'early adopter'.

The value of this is apparent to me on days like today. I have a busy day of admin to catch up on but my car has to go to poorly car hospital today so I am faced with the prospect of working on the move. I have however managed to find a free wifi source and set myself up on the MacBook Air and iPad so I am now good to go and essentially although I'm not in the office, access to the cloud drive online means that I can access 100% of my client files as necessary. So theoretically I can get as much done today whilst the car is being fixed as I would in my home office. Even If the wireless drops out I will be able to activate the personal hotspots on my phone and still work online.

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