Sunday, 31 January 2010

Our services in a nutshell

If you're a small local business that wants to create more on-line buzz for itself then get in touch.

Localventure offers free blog posts to advertise your business, you can include images in the post if you like and then when you have more news or fancy blogging about your business or life in general you are welcome to come back to us and we'll include you again - for free !

We can afford to do this for nothing because firstly we want great new content on our blog to get a bigger readership - this helps you and then when we launch the localventure website and begin charging for an extended range of services we will already have critical mass of support from you, our first tranche of clients. Secondly, as local business owners ourselves we know the value of a little bit of word of mouth/free support. So we're passionate about making the powerhouse of the economy even more powerful.

We also offer other business support services from which we make our crust. So for now and the foreseeable future Localventure is free.

For more info call Phil on 07883 882064 or e-mail on

Speak soon ....

New blog entries

Visit for the latest post on award winning whisky from our client

Friday, 29 January 2010

Trapped on the M6/M62 yesterday afternoon

I spent over two and a half hours trapped yesterday near Manchester when the M 62 was closed.

I decided not to waste my time so I took down details of all the businesses I thought were relevant to Localventure and have now e-mailed them to ask if they'd like to be included on the blog for free.

If you're one of the companies who's looking at the post following my e-mail - Hi there, thanks for taking the time to look and feel free to e-mail or ring if you have questions. There isn't a catch and we're hear to help !

New product offering from Prestige Whisky

Our client has just launched a new whisky - the Bunnahabhain is available from their website for £ 178.99.

Full details are at their blog at

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Join us ...

We've put the call out on Twitter today - if you're a UK based small business or entrepreneur and you'd like to be included on the website immediately for free then please get in touch ;

07883 882 064 or

Looking forward to speaking soon

Localventure - our services

At Localventure our primary focus is to help and support small business and entrepreneuship. So for the foreseeable future our main task will be to offer the following services free to business :

1) free presence on this blog for you with the opportunity to include your logo or relevant images within your posting
2) the opportunity to link to us, and then provide guest blog entries to pass on whatever news you have from your business whenever you want.
3) As this is a blog, as new posts come in, yours will drop lower - so we'll add in your entries again on a regular basis to ensure you appear often on the front page.
4) Let us know whenever you publish website updates, tweets, or your own blog posts and we'll point our readers towards them

Over time we will of course hope to monetize this when we offer this service via our new website which is currently under construction. For now however, it's in our interests to build up interest and get some interesting content by offering the service for nothing.

In addition to the free blogging services we're also able to offer the following (unfortunately not for free services) :

New Media Support : blog & website design and upgrade, SEO services,Twitter management
Business consultancy, support and introductions/Networking functions
Advertising consultancy

For more details on what we can do to help and support your business please contact Phil on 07883 882064 or e-mail on

Prestige Whisky news

Our client, has sent out a couple of blog posts and tweets today - find out more at : and on Twitter under the name whisky1

Monday, 25 January 2010

Localventure on Twitter

You can now find and follow us on Twitter where you'll find us by the name of localventure1

First live client on Localventure

In the blog post below you'll find the first live business we've been able to feature.

This is the kind of service we're able to offer - a paragraph or two about the business and an image. All free of course.

If you want to take part please contact us at or on 07883 882064

Prestige Whisky on Localventure

Visit to find the latest in rare and exclusive malt and blended whisky.

In addition to that special gift for a loved one, they also provide assistance with buying whisky for clients or special employees and also provide whisky retail services to the restaurant trade as well.

Their blog is and on Twitter they are whisky1

Creating an on-line presence

At Localventure we're used to creating demand for business using new media.

One of our clients (who will shortly be appearing here) has had over 1,000 visits to their blog and garnered 1,100 Twitter followers in less than six months - as a result traffic to their website has been more than double original projections.

Hi to all of our new visitors

Well, we've only been up and running for about ten minutes and already we've had 7 visitors - keep stopping by and also watch out for announcements on our advance into Twitter.

Welcome to Localventure

Welcome to the very first Localventure post.

Localventure is a website dedicated to supporting local businesses and discussing business related issues.

One of the things we offer is the capability for any business who wishes to, to become involved with us and write their own guest blog with Localventure. So if you're the owner of any business get in touch at and tell us about what you do, how you do it and also send us some relevant images if you have then.

We'll bang you on as a 'guest blogger' each and every time you want us to and give you some good, on-line, new media, web 2.0 advertising.

Even better news is, that this service is free. That's right : nil; gratis; of zero cost.

That's not to say that as we expand the proposition we won't begin to charge for our services. Bot from now for at least a six month period you can be included and blog hear to your hearts content for nothing.

For more details and to be included drop us an e-mail or call on 07883 882064.