Friday, 7 June 2013

Work Place Frustration

Yesterday I had of of those long frustrating days where nothing happens and no matter how many projects you have on the go or dip into you just aren't able to feel productive - a real downer of a day.

The reason is difficult to pin down. I think in part it comes from a really busy May and although the June pipeline looks very positive it will be some weeks before much new business arrives. In addition I have several cases on the go which seem to have stalled - perhaps this is 'good weather syndrome' as clients and colleagues disappear off to take advantage of the summer weather (finally!). I also have had to redo my entire report process for one client who for various reasons has decided to change his mind right at the end of a piece of work. Extra work for possibly less money, not my preferred way of doing things.

Whatever the reason, one hell of a frustrating day all told.

So this morning I have decided to draw a line under things, it's Friday, a nice weekend is looming and (famous last words) what can go wrong today ??!?

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