Tuesday, 14 December 2010

New member for Localventure : Wine For

Please find details of the new Wine For website :

I have set up a superb online wine company called “Wine for” The idea behind it is that whilst everyone likes a good wine, not everyone knows which wines to buy, they ask in specialist shops, or in supermarkets etc, but this cuts all of that out, all of our wines are chosen by a Wine Master and wine experts to be exactly right for certain occasions. We have started with Wine for Christmas – www.wineforchristmas.com Each bottle chosen by the experts to suit the time of year, the weather, the festivities, the food and the occasion in general. It is a great new idea, and we are being very honest and true to our beliefs, great value, great wines for a great occasion. 

David Bell
Director of Wine for... ltd

T:   07801 782725
W: www.wineforchristmas.com
E:   david@winefor.co.uk