Thursday, 6 October 2016

Surely there are more super powers out there

Big comics fan and a subject I have touched occasionally on in this blog. As the regular visitors will know.

I've watched with interest the new Netflix Marvel shows : Daredevil seasons one and two, Jessica Jones and now Luke Cage (with The Punisher, Iron Fist and then Defenders all to follow along with likely season three of DD and 2 of JJ). All great fun and interesting if a little worthy sometimes. Certainly a noteworthy interlude to the Cinematic Universe and frankly low brow crap that is 'Agents of Shield'.

However one thing is bugging me. Considering the street level antics of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage why oh why do JJ and LC basically have the same super powers (I know why they have them in the comics - that's not the question I'm asking - I want to know why out of all the Marvel characters they could have chosen they chose Jessica and Luke given their nearly identical power set). Now I know they are subtly different - Jessica is strong (and at least in comics) can kind of fly/jump real high and Luke Cage is bullet proof, really strong oh and can jump really high ....

Aside from the invulnerability (incidentally a shot gun real close is still a problem for Luke) the power set is boringly similar to the point where any fight involving Jessica or Luke is usually identical involving bashing people into walls or roofs or throwing them out a window. When the characters fought each other the similarity is brought home even more - in JJ when the two fought whilst Luke was mind controlled by Kilgrave they ended up in almost a stalemate - not only are they super strong they almost identically super strong. Yawn. They also chucked each other threw walls, a lot of walls. I bet their set designer hates plastering fake walls by now.

Don't get me wrong the hip hop and retro blaxploitation vibe of Luke Cage, as well as homage to the characters slightly dubious backstory within the Marvel Comics universe is excellent and perfectly judged. I just wonder now if a non-powered marital arts fighting character like Iron Fist is going to end up so similar to Daredevil that we have the same thing again. Wait though Daredevil has a unique gimmick - he's blind and has radar sense, then again Iron Fist can channel his chi into an unstoppable iron fist strike - ho hum.

Fitness as a metaphor for business

Setting up a business is like getting fit.

When it all begins at first you are excited, determined to succeed and there's always a reason for doing it. You want to be healthier, shed a few pounds, lose the holiday weight. You need too earn money, convert an idea into reality and impose your business idea on the world - make your business a reality or turn your body into a finely tuned mass of muscle.

For the first few weeks and months it all goes great. If you stick at it things go well. If you shirk you will fail. The analogy holds.

Slackers fail early on but getting fit and starting the business go well. In the early days you lose weight quickly. Similarly those early business tasks are quick and easy rent an office, buy in stock, design a website, call a few potential clients. This can all be done in the first few weeks.

That's the problem though - the low hanging fruit. It's too easy to be beguiled by early success. In business the limited company is set up along with the Linkedin profile and you pick up a couple of clients early on. Maybe these clients are acquaintances or family/friends. They provide enough income to get you through the first quarter. Or you're healthier and try that first 10K race and manage to finish in a reasonable time.

Three months, or six months or a year on and now we are in a totally different situation. We're now maintaining our fitness or running the neophyte but growing business. Totally different set of skills are now required, more technical often and definitely needing a different mindset.

Once you're at a reasonable level of health you need to maintain things, ensure that your training regimen is pushing you forward not back. Different types of training - running, martial arts, cross training, walking all needed to make sure that next time the 10K is competitive.

The business is ticking along but you need to maintain what you have, keep existing clients and find more - the quick wins of early on are over and then, disaster. you lose an early client or fail to win a deal you expected to be easy.

To finish over-egging this analogy, you are days before that third 10K and you pull a hamstring. Maybe the training was too much (working too long hours) or perhaps you are over prepared (you have been bugging that existing client for an answer on an extension to your contract) or (in some ways worse) you stumbled unexpectedly in a ditch whilst jogging - just lost a client through external circumstances beyond your control.

Point is, setting up in business is like getting fit. Running a business is like staying fit - you need to be constantly be on your game, changing things up, trying new techniques and always preparing for the unexpected injury.

Discuss .....

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

EDC Update

Have a made a few changes/updates to my personal every day carry as per the photo below :

My EDC - October 2016
So we have the following :

  • Iphone 7 Plus in a Spigen 'Rugged Armour' case
  • Mpow Swift blue tooth headphones
  • Credit Card sized leather wallet (£ 9.99 from a garden centre !)
  • Paracord bracelet with fishing line and firestarter
  • Victorinox 'Huntsman' knife - this lives in my bag - too bulky for EDC
  • LED Lanser mini flashlight & case
  • Victorinox 'Spartan' knife - compact and tidy, really good to have on hand
  • minimum keys I can get away with
  • Apple Watch V1.0 for training, notification and of course - telling the time

Still looking at additional updates, not happy with keys floating loose in front jean pocket so in the market for some kind of keychain/carabiner and also although I love the utility of the Spartan knife and use it daily I want another small pocket knife so I have one spare for running/walking in the woods to keep with workout gear etc. - considering a low cost folding blade that I can afford to misplace - have ordered a CRKT Journeyer to see what it's like but might return if I can't get on with it.