Monday, 3 June 2013

Please sponsor my podcast

My medical insurance podcast : PMICast, the only podcast in the UK that exclusively covers medical insurance (I may have mentioned that before here on the blog and apologies if I'm boring you). It is important to me for a couple of reasons. As an adviser on medical insurance for my clients I am passionate that people have access to good cover for themselves, their families and also their company. I addition of course this is my job and I rely on income from my PMI practice to live.

As such ventures like the blog you are reading now and my podcast are both vital ways of disseminating my worldview and more general information about my practice to current and prospective clients as well as the world in general. So although they do not generate revenue in and of themselves it is important to me that they work as cogent media are in addition professional and relevant. The only cost to the blog is of course the time it takes, similarly with the podcast, the main investment too is time but it is a relatively large one plus there are financial costs for uploading and hosting the podcast and providing sufficient band width for our growing listenership. With that in mind I have decided to formally begin looking for sponsors for the PMICast.

We offer a really solid listenership of around 1500 to 2000 hits or downloads per month via the website : and then 500 plus subscribers via iTunes and other pod catching services. Since I cannot imagine people listening twice (even I only listen through twice to check all is ok pre and post up-load) I'm assuming this evens out to approximately 4,000 listens per month (assuming four/five episodes per month which we have kept to for the first 12 episodes). 

Furthermore although it is difficult to get metrics of who is listening, given the subject matter one has to assume our listeners are largely professional and financially literate.

To a sponsor we offer access to the podcast to overview your products and services and to give out whatever sales messages you would like at least once and probably twice during each episode all for the grand price  of .... free.

At the moment, I would like to work with one or two interested businesses and offer the advertising opportunity above for free for at least one month (4 or more episodes) to enable us to work together and ensure that the process works for the sponsor before entering into a full commercial relationship. I've already offered this'd press to one potential sponsor and they are considering whether it fits with their marketing approach as we speak but I would like to work with other interested parties too.

Once the initial trial is up I am looking at a number of charging strategies moving forwards but whatever we agree together will be a low cost way to access good potential clients and excellent word of mouth. 

If you are interested please get in touch at - very happy to work with anyone ether locally or nationally the only stipulation being of course I would not include someone competing with my core PMI advisory practice for obvious reasons.


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