Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Health News update

Every now and then, usually when I can think of nothing else to post here I will pull up interesting health news stories and link to them.

Came across three on Monday morning that I thought were relevant :

Around 70 staff in a Cambridgshire NHS Trust are to lose their jobs - I would never revel in others being made redudant - it has happened to me too many times myself - but it seems that there is a real overmanning problem within the NHS and Trusts are reluctant to address this issue. I discuss this kind of thing on my Talk Health blog recently - check this out too at :

Some genius in a council licensing committee somewhere has decided it would be a good idea to authorise a pub on motorway. It is ideal to have people driving with a pint and a half of beer in their system - they'd still be under the limit but driving a ton of metal at 80 mph !

Big news within the media again that the NHS in England is in crisis and misses its A and E waiting target for first three months of 2013. Apparently now Jeremy Hunt (Tory Health Secretary) is now being warned that up to 20 hospitals face closure to balance the NHS books.

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