Monday, 3 June 2013

Why marketing always has to be the top business priority

As a small business when you set up the temptation initially is to revel in the mechanics of what you do. For example a plumber wants to fix pipes or a jewelry maker wants to design and make beautiful things but this is to make a fatal business error.

The problem is that whatever you do and however good, bad or indifferent you might happen to be there is no revenue driven from 'doing', rather you have to have someone to do it for. This might seem an obvious point but I've worked in business development since 1994 and when I launched my current business in 2010 client acquisition was simply not something I worried about or indeed pondered much at all during the initial business set up phase which in my case lasted around three months. 

Interestingly I had in 2008 set up a small business earlier with a business partner and my role in that venture had been predominantly the marketing process via an on-line 'shop' - so in my previous self employed experience I had factored this client acquisition 'problem' in. But as I pointed out above - going it alone for the first time (with no salaried back up) had me really taking my eyes off the ball for this key element of my business planning.

So when people ask me what I do for a living, I say something along the lines of the following : 

Well the end process of my main business is to advise my clients (individuals, families and companies) on all aspects of medical insurance but my actual 'job' is to proactively market to those clients and introducers who have be of my service.

In other words my job is to find clients to whom I can offer the medical insurance service I provide that is (obviously) brilliant, knowledgable, uniquely client focused etc.

So when you come up with your new business 'elevator pitch' as a new and budding entrepeneur I would advise you strongly to include an idea of how you're planning to get your wonderful idea in front of clients who will actually pay you for providing whatever wonderful service you are planning to offer.

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