Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Network for Localventure

As part of a network building exercise I am doing for Knight Healthcare and now Medico Legal Marketing I'm now trying to formally introduce business to some colleagues of mine.

If you have any requirements for the following services I can now recommend reliable professionals to all Localventure members and readers :

Private Medical Insurance - family or group cover
Computer and IT Sales
Building Services (West Yorkshire only)
Website design and eMarketing
Independent Financial Advisor
Mobile Phone Sales
Alarm/Security Services (West Yorkshire only)
Mortgage Broker
Commercial Insurance Broker

If you'd like to be referred or indeed have your details passed to one of these companies in the hope that they might be interested in your services please let me know.

Call for more information on : 07792 075748 or e-mail phil@knighthealthcare.co.uk

Medico Legal Marketing

A few weeks ago an old business colleague asked me to help him out with a business project that he feels he doesn't have the time or interest to devote to at the moment.

This business : Medico Legal Marketing supports medical consultants/specialists, helping them access lucrative medico legal contracts in trials, tribunal/legal work, insurance and corporates. For a one off fee we enable doctors to take up these commissions in a risk free way.

In addition we can also help medical reporting organisations access our registered medical specialists for one off or specialised contracts.

Full details of how we work are at our website via the above link.

If you are a doctor (GP, consultant, surgeon etc) interested in medico legal work or medical reporting organisation please feel free to get in touch.

Contact me on 07792 075748 for more information.

New blog at www.knighthealthcare.co.uk

If like most people who have private medical insurance you dread the renewal documents arriving through the door once a year I've put together some brief information over at my companies blog

There you'll find lots of reasons why you should do something, rather than nothing and also how a good medical insurance broker can help out.

For more info e-mail me at phil@knighthealthcare.co.uk or call on 07792 075748