Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Improving the health and efficiency of employees

Psychology Consultants www.psychologyconsultants.com and www.janusclinic.com offers a range of psychologically based solutions to companies to enable them to improve the health of their employees and in so doing enhance productivity.

We can help with as little as one session with one employee - for example :

In just one session, we can teach you how to control your Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Chaotic heart rate, usually caused by prolonged stress, can lead to serious health problems.
What’s in it for you?  – By controlling your HRV you can become less vulnerable to “the silent killer” (Coronary Heart Diseases), which in the UK kills one person every two minutes.
Why should you trust us? – Because if you do not show any progress, we will give you your money back!
How much?  One session = £150.     Your health = priceless.

For more information visit our clinical website www.janusclinic.com or call us on 07792 075748

Business Updates

Just wanted to give some quick updates.

At the moment I'm working all out in two main areas - as an independent medical insurance intermediary (authorised via Premier Choice Healthcare) i'm able to advise on all areas of medical insurance for individuals, families and corporates. This is for both brand new insurance and also if you have cover in place already I can probably save money at renewal as well as enhance benefits. If you would like a quote or assistance please call on 07792 075748 or e-mail philknight@pch.uk.com

I also co-own a business working with senior clinicians called Medico Legal Marketing (www.medicolegalmarketing.co.uk) - you can find out all about this service which is unique in its market at the website or call me on the number above.

Lastly I'm working as a marketing consultant with an eminent psychologist who is launching a new practice in the Uk call Psychology Consultants - aimed at improving workplace productivity for large corporates - again more at www.psychologyconsultants.com

You can find out all about me on Linkedin - my public profile is :

My main Twitter accounts are : @localventure1 and @philknightPCH

As my previous website (www.knighthealthcare.co.uk) is no more I will be using this Localventure blog as my main business blog moving forwards.