Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Late night marketing

(Prepared and typed Tuesday evening at 9.52 p.m. Posted this morning - Wednesday at 8.30am)

Well I am paying the price for missing two days of marketing work this week.

Whilst Mrs Localventure is enjoying 'Frankie' : cloying  BBC emo-medical drama (although pre viewing the first episode my daughter told me it was a time travel, crime solving drama starring Eve Myles former star of SF classic Dr Who spin off : 'Torchwood' and I believed her all the way through the first episode - terribly disappointing as the time travel and crime fighting elements are yet to kick in although Frankie's boyfriend is a police officer so it may pick up???) I am prepping and sending marketing e-mails to prospective PMI and medico legal clients.  

This is a task I try to work in to my usual work flow Monday through Thursday, mainly in afternoons following lunch with another set done over the weekend. Essentially I try and do the work in quieter periods for me and send it at a time when a potential client might have a moment to read the missive (so I found that sending anything on Friday tended to be overlooked as clients approach the weekend).

 Usually I am quite disciplined but time has just gotten away from me this week. Hence the mega marketing blitz this evening to catch up.

Me at 11.00pm last night !

This is the problem with getting out of the office for a few days on client and introducer appointments - no time for the tedious administration - still around 1,000 prospective new client contacts this evening in total, assuming two new clients from this work (which wouldn't be an unlikely result) definitely a worthwhile if mind numbing way to spend an evening - although I would hope to go back to working this into daytime work and leave the blog posting for the evening - back to the marketing !

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