Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Update on sponsors for my podcast

You may recall that in previous posts and on my podcast (PMICast, available on iTunes or at I have mentioned my desire to obtain sponsorship for the podcast to move forwards, add to the professionalism, content and of course enable me to devote the time to putting the content out to my listeners for free.

I have had discussions already with two prospective sponsors and I am hoping to be able to go live with one of them in the near future but in the meantime I would really like other people to come forward and see if sponsoring the podcast would be of interest.

Here's some basic information I've been passing out to some contacts :

I wanted to let you know about my exciting new business podcast and offer you the opportunity to sponsor/advertise your business or services on the podcast for free.

The podcast is a weekly show covering private medical insurance, it is called PMICast and you can search for it on iTunes or go direct to I have nearly 20 years experience in the medical insurance market so am able to comment on my industry with some impact as a ‘thought leader’ within the sector and at the moment PMICast is the only podcast in the UK looking at this subject matter comprehensively.

In terms of numbers, at the moment we have 1,700 active subscribers and then an additional 2,000 people per month who visit the above site to listen to the back catalog of episodes. In addition to this the podcast is also supported by my business blog at www.localventure.blogspot,com which averages over 2,000 hits per month as well.

The beauty of my podcast listeners is that due to the nature of the podcast they tend to be professional and financially informed as well as interested in business in general. As they have to actively find the podcast and download it they tend to be proactive ‘doers’ and of course are extremely IT literate as well.

I think that sponsoring the podcast would be an excellent opportunity for a forward looking business interested in either acquiring or getting a message to clients who fit into the above demographic.

Best of all I’m offering a great deal on sponsoring the podcast - whatever you decide to do longer term the first four weeks of advertising are free with no catches.

Any sponsor will receive the following - initial mention of the sponsoring company at the start of the podcast, a 30 second overview of your services (written by you) along with relevant contact information and web details in the main body of the podcast and then a final ‘thank you’ mention at the end of the podcast.

After your four week free sponsorship we can discuss paid options based on the number of podcasts you want to sponsor and a per diem listener rate but this is very much up for discussion with new sponsors and there is absolutely no obligation - this is about creating a useful business relationship moving forwards that works for both parties.

The proceeds from any sponsorship will be invested in equipment, infrastructure and better content for the podcast moving forwards - this will mean over time, as the podcast grows and develops that businesses associated with it will have an increasing ability to broadcast to growing numbers of prospective clients.

I firmly believe that on-line media like my podcast is the future of informing both existing and prospective clients and an excellent tool for acquiring new business.

If you’re interested please drop me a message for an initial discussion on any aspect of this project - plus please feel free to listen/subscribe to the podcast. 

Philip D Knight
Independent Healthcare Consultant
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Phil Knight
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