Wednesday, 5 June 2013

General update

It's been a busy few days so I would like to take some time out today, take a breath and catch you all up on where we are on a few key items.

This blog - viewings and feedback on the blog are all moving in the right direction - we're now well over 9,000 views and moving rapidly towards 10,000 later this month. The 4th of June was our busiest day ever with over 100 reads in one day - so thanks for all the interest and I will try and keep the content of interest and relevance. If there are any subjects you'd like me to comment on or if you have something you'd like to say here I would gladly engage wth guest bloggers - just e-mail or leave a comment.

At the moment we're averaging a solid 50 or 60 plus readers per day minimum so looking at a monthly readership of around 2,000.

PMICast podcast - this is my audio blog devoted to medical insurance - we have around 4,000 downloads in total per month and are up to episode 13 now.

Search under the name on iTunes or download directly from Plus if you get chance please feel free to leave a review on iTunes. 

I think the 'cast is really finding its feet now and I even had my first taste of celebrity recently when someone from the insurance industry rang me out of the blue and thanks me for the podcast !

I'm hoping to expand the listenership of the podcast and have added it to six new podcast streaming services so more and more people will now be able to find it. I'm also looking to find commercial sponsorship for podcast moving forwards. I blogged about how this might work for a potential advertiser earlier this week so refer to my earlier post for more information but if you're interested please do get in touch for a chat.

Twitter - my two main Twitter accounts are @philknightpch (business account) @localventure1 (personal and business) I've recently had a real rush of new followers so I wanted to take the opportunity to say 'Hi' if you're a new reader here based on following me on Twitter.


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Phil Knight
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I'm a totally independent healthcare intermediary with 20 years market experience, not tied to any insurer, fully FCA regulated and part of the Premier Choice Healthcare Group. FCA Number 312878. 

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