Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Evening Client visit

I'm doing something tonight that I've only ever done once before - that is to visit a prospective client at home in the evening.

I tend to avoid this for a variety of reasons : many people simply don't like having a 'salesperson' turn up at their home, regardless of whether they are invited or not. Obviously is takes valuable time out of everyone's evening and of course from my perspective I have to assess whether the case is worth enough in terms of revenue to justify getting in the car and spending the time/petrol to sign up a new client - this sounds cynical but obviously spending £ 60 worth of petrol to sign up a case worth less than say £ 100 would be facile.

On this occasion the client is simply a person that likes meet people face to face and he (nicely) insisted on a meeting. They are reasonably local and the case is a good size so on this occasion it seems worth it - especially given that the client has indicated he is interested in proceeding.

My view is that this kind of situation is about firstly being flexible and then also reading the situation so the client gets what he needs both in terms of advice but also in terms of how he needs the social/business interaction to operate.

As an aside, I was checking the podcast statistics this morning and for the first time we've gone over the 2,000 download mark from the website (i.e. people visiting and listening to podcasts there) and then we are around 1,700 subscribers via iTunes and other podcast directories. Very positive progress - nearly 4,000 listens/downloads in the last 30 days.

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