Monday, 28 March 2011

Update on Knight Healthcare

Many of the people who have visited this blog fairly regularly over the last couple of years will be aware that I recently set up my own business - Knight Healthcare.

You can find more about the business at, on Twitter @knighthealth and also on : my facebook page
Fundamentally having worked in the private medical insurance market since 1994 I think that there are some gaps in provision out there from both brokers and insurers and I am aiming to fill them. Most of my ideas are built around going the extra mile for clients, supporting healthcare for families and also enabling other professional advisors to offer private medical insurance to their clients in a coherent and profitable way.

So if you're an individual wanting cover for yourself and your loved ones, a company director wanting to look after your employees or an IFA or accountant who would like support in offering private medical insurance to your clients please feel free to get in touch at :

Phil Knight
March 2011