Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Karate Update - bonus post

Most of the content on Localventure is business related but I am an avid martial artist and my intention is also to include details of my on-going journey to inner harmony using extreme violence and constant personal injury.

Those interested solely in 'Business' content can probably skip this post altogether.

To give some background I hold a second dan in Tai Sabaki Do karate (a self defense realtively hard karate style based historically on Wado Ryu) and practised this from 1980 to 2007 when the club was forced to close for a variety of reasons I won't bore you with. As far as I know I am the only senior dan grade from that style still practicing karate. My first sensei : Ben Warren passed a couple of years ago and the sensei that took over following that : Eric Davison stopped training when the club folded. I was the next most senior grade at the time.

I restarted in a new style in May 2010 and now hold a 2nd kyu brown belt and am shortly hoping to go for 1st Kyu (June 15th).

One of the disciplines I try to stick to every day is to run through three or four shukokai kata and the same for my old Tai Sabaki Do kata - there are several reasons for this.

Firstly I need to learn and practise my current shukokai kata - I'm not someone who finds performing kata 'natural' and need many hours of practice to feel comfortable with a new kata. So every day I practice my two current kata and one or two of my previous kata in rotation to keep them in mind and practice.

With my old TSD kata I have all of them 'down pat' with 33 years of training in them over many hundreds of hours but I think it is still important to practice them if nothing else to keep them alive (as I can't be sure anyone else now knows or practices them properly). With this in mind I also practice at least three of these older kata's daily too.

The last reason is of course fitness - running through six to eight kata I find as physically demanding as going for a short run - done properly nothing is as tiring as running through your kata at full tilt.

Phil Knight - 2nd Dan Front Row Far Right.
Sensei Ben Warren - 4th Dan Front Row Second from Left
Sensei Eric Davison - 3rd Dan Back Row First on Left

Photo from 27th June 1989

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