Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Not one, or even two new podcasts in a day but three !

I have been busy with the podcasting today.

Episode 16 of PMICast is now available on iTunes and at www.pmicast.podbean.com - this week is a small corporate PMI client case study and various bits of news - definitely worth checking out when you get chance.

I've also added in a new video podcast at my You Tube Channel - pkn439 - episode 3 there is actually a direct transfer of the above audio podcast but if you'd like to see me presenting the content 'on camera' please check this out too. More at www.youtube.com/user/pkn439

Lastly, I've also put up episode 6 of Where's Wilson this morning too. This ep of my SF podcast is a review of the second half of Season 7 of Doctor who leading in to 'the name of the Doctor' and the 50th Anniversary celebrations. I have been having some problems with the Where's Wilson feed so I've taken the decision to include it in the PMICast feed instead - so subscribers will now receive both podcasts - remember if you want Where's Wilson you'll need to subscribe/listen via PMICast as above.

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