Saturday, 1 June 2013

New episode of Where's Wilson ..... soon

I Where's Wilson is my 'fun' (I think it's fun but of course that is a totally subjective opinion) science fiction podcast.

I host it with my two kids, Megan (13) and Ryan (7) who is supposed to be our video games correspondent but in fact chimes in whenever he likes it seems.

We tend to focus on SF TV and movies but are open to everything from comics (I'm currently reading Flash and JLA from DC's the New 52 and catching up on Iron Man which is the only marvel title I can follow at the moment from a continuity stand point - have you tried getting into the X-Men ?) to SF novels.

At the moment there are five episodes up, the last one a review special on Iron Man 3 and Star Trek : Into Darkness. The aim was to put a new episode up every fortnight but we seem to be in a three to five week cycle at the moment. you can find all the back eps on iTunes (search under the name : whereswilson) or at the podcast's website :

As I type it's Saturday morning on the 1st of June and I am planning to record a new podcast today - this one will cover a review of Dr Who Series 7 part 2 in full.

Edit 3/6/13 - we have recorded the podcast but are struggling to get it live on podbean. Will advise ASAP. 

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