Friday, 21 June 2013

Karate Grading Saturday at 3.00 pm

I have a 1st Kyu Brown belt grading tomorrow at 3.00pm.

Have trained myself up a little, although recent hectic work schedule has meant I haven't done as much kata and combination work as I'd like and I do feel somewhat underprepared. I'd say I was 80% fit and 75% technically prepped - hopefully enough to pass with a bit of focus and vomit inducing effort.

Thought it would be interesting to overview the sections of the grading for you and then later I can fill in the blanks as to how I did in each section.

Section 1 Basics - basic punching, blocking and kicking techniques some static and others moving up and down the dojo

Section 2 Combinations - I have three set combinations

The problem (deliberatley) with these two sections is because there will be eight or so of us at the grading and each needs to be watched and graded for each technique on both sides we end up doing literally hundreds of techniques all at full speed. The aim of course is to check fitness as well as technique. Of course from a difficulty perspective these sections are technically the easier part of the grading.

Section 3 Pad Work - basically any kick or punch at full tilt against the bag. Again designed to be super tiring - if you're doing it right !

Section 4 Attack and defense - what I used to call San Bon or yippon kumite - 2 defenses each against snap puch, hook and front kick - working with a partner at full speed.

Section 5 current kata - this is matsakazi and ni say shi (not sure if these translate outside of Shikoku karate so sorry to other styles)

Section 6 old kata - any two of the previous nine kata

Section 7 - fighting - essentially 20 minutes of lung pounding semi contact (no face or groin) action.

Will update on the event and of course the final result over the weekend !

Wish me luck !

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