Saturday, 8 June 2013

Man of Steel preview and discussion

My kids have decided that they are going to take me to see Man of Steel next weekend for Fathers Day.

It is the only movie of the Summer that I have been really looking forward to and I'm hoping for so much more than the moping emo-Superman of Bryan Singers disappointing Superman Returns which was essentially Superman lifting heavy things and getting beaten up by Lex Luthor very slowly (or so it seemed given the lethargic pacing of the movie).

Having viewed the trailers released in recent months I am very hopeful for the new film and will report back on my thoughts. The main issue I wanted to raise is my one criticism of virtually all superhero flicks. Why do we need the origin story ... AGAIN. We all know now how Peter Parker got into trouble playing with glowing spiders and Kals dad Jor sent his baby son to earth from the doomed planet etc -  do we really need another 45 minute re-telling of the origin story again ? Even if it is crucial to the Zod invading earth plot - we saw it all in Donners 1978 Superman and then again two years later in Superman 2. As I thought with Star Trek Into Darkness, the problem with retooling and re-telling a classic story is the comparison with the original may not be all that favorable (I make extensive reference to this issue in episode five of Where's Wilson - my SF podcast available on iTunes and at I hope I'm wrong and MoS blows me away but I just don't need to see Krypton again especially as I've had to (suffer) live through 10 seasons of Smallville, the ultimate love note to the Superman origin story.

Still it looks like we finally get to see some well done super fisticuffs and as a life long fan of both comics and the 1978 Donner film there seem to be some great Superman : Lois and then Clark : Jonathan charter moments. 

Despite healthy reservations I really can't wait.

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