Thursday, 20 June 2013

International Private Medical Insurance

iPMI is a topic that I haven't discussed too much on this blog.

It is an area of business that I am quite active in and have built a range of knowledge and expertise. Rather than launch into a technical overview of the plans or benefits I'll run through some of the cases where an iPMI plan might be appropriate to you.

Living or working overseas and resident outside the UK - for individuals living or working abroad there is often no equivalent of the NHS to fall back on so PMI becomes an absolutely essential purchase.

A company ether based overseas, employing UK citizens or UK business sending staff abroad - both in terms of duty of care and also ensuring staff are ready and able to work, an iPMI plan for staff overseas is a vital employee benefit.

It is even possible in some cases to cover third country nationals i.e. Australia's in China - any person who is living overseas, not just UK citizens could benefit from advice on their iPMI needs.

Lastly, as iPMI plans are usual very comprehensive it is also quite common to cover UK citizens here on iPMI cover - this suits high net worth clients who might also travel widely round the world and not want the hassle of other solutions. Considering this solution means I can offer benefits not usually available : e.g. Cover for maternity or chronic conditions.

There are some technical issues to consider, for example some countries insist on iPMI for ex pats to grant a visa whilst in others it isn't possible to set up an iPMI product (e.g. Iran) but if you or your company falls into any of the above categories then we can have a discussion as how an iPMI plan works for your situation. 

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