Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Title to be confirmed ... or where bad social media posts go to die

Note on this post : I sat down to write this blog post yesterday evening and originally opened the post with the following three words :

Blah Blah Blah

Actual Post : This was because following a long day, beginning at 6.15am in my office, and ending yesterday at around 9.45pm the same evening (please do not get out the violins, I appreciate that many people work far longer hours than I do and for considerably less money) I wanted to prep my post for the following day and put at the top of the post a 'place holder line of text'.

At that stage I simply didn't have a topic I wanted to cover in this post this morning. However, a train of thought has now been triggered.

As a person who lives much of their business life on social media for business purposes I got to thinking what happens when people simply post on Linkedin or Twitter or (pointedly) their blog simply for the sake of it. (Obviously without posting just 'for the sake of it' Facebook would simply cease to exist so for the purposes of this discussion I am ignoring FB).

It must be that a high proportion of the content put up, even on business related blogs and social media, is largely spurious content that is designed to fill a place or ensure someone meets their 'post per day' type of target. Certainly I endeavour to put up content daily Monday to Friday without fail - with this being a business blog I feel it's right to post during the working week on a regular basis. It is sometimes a challenge to come up with anything halfway decent on a daily basis and I'm sure I do regularly fail.

After thought : So the next time you're catching up on Twitter and Linkedin plus your favourite blogs bear in mind two things - firstly how hard it is to come up with decent, thought provoking content and secondly how easy it is to come up with rubbish to fill your blog !


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