Sunday, 19 May 2013

Early start this morning

I have awoken charged and raring to go this morning, invigorated by having a new wifi router over the weekend and I am up to 11 meg down (from a maximum of around 6 or 6 intermittently).

Plus I have several non work time commitments this week and also the bank holiday looming so lots to do and very little time in which to do it.

My push on the blog this week is to hit the magical 9,000 hits (check out the counter at the bottom left of the blog for progress - we start the week at 8,321 - can you help me reach 9,000 hits by telling,tweeting,e-mailing one colleague about the juicy business goodness.

Watch out for regular updates - I blog everyday during the working week and once (usually a more 'off the wall' post) at weekend.

You can also find my two podcasts as follows :

PMICast - the only UK podcast devoted to medical insurance

Where's Wilson - SF and comics and genre movies plus maybe some martial arts

Please read and subscribe and tell everyone you think would be interested.

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