Thursday, 9 May 2013

Quick correction for PMICast Episode 10

In todays episode of PMICast I inferred that WPA are the only insurer that offers an individual community rated product. What I meant to say was they're the main insurer I deal with who does - of course others do offer this style of plan : CS Healthcare and Exeter for example (as was quite rightly pointed out to me this afternoon by a colleague) - I think I mention later in the podcast that many insurers offer a mixed or no claims discount style of plan - hoping that listeners would pick up on the point that not all do - I should have been more explicit - however the nature of the podcast medium is that the broadcaster often speaks in an unscripted way, off the cuff and every now and then an inadvertent, perceived inaccuracy creeps in.

Sorry !

I'll add a quick note to episode ten mentioning this too.

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