Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Rambling evening update

This morning I posted briefly on the first bit of proper warm weather in Leeds and discussed a couple of related issues. This evening I find myself with the Mac Book on my knees this evening catching up on a few bits of work and e-mails plus writing the second part of my 'Skeptical Guide to Medicine' on my Talk Health blog ( please check this out if you get a minute - the first one has had a very positive response and I'm hoping to get part 2 up on the site in the next few days) so I thought I would - with the help of a half bottle of Rose - put up a new post covering various issues.

Second work out of the week at karate (we train Mondays and Wednesdays) - I'm a 2nd Kyu brown belt at a local Shukokai club in Leeds and I also held a 2nd Dan black belt at Tai Sabaki Do (a small local club, now closed down) - I've practiced karate since 1980 pretty much non stop and enjoy it immensely. However at 42 it can be physically traumatic - at the moment I'm guessing that I will ache a little in the morning ! Really painful feet and finger joints are my problems du jour ! A first for this evening though - as the weather improves we're able to get out of the dojo at the start of training to play bulldogs on the school field (Yeadon Westfield Junior School - where I'm incidentally also a governor!) tonight was the first outside session. A great warm up and a little bit different to keep everyone smiling at the club - I really look forward to getting outside and running around like a mad thing.

As readers may know, I am a total Apple fan-boy (sitting with a Mac Book on my lap typing and an Iphone 5 next to me, Apple TV playing a movie in the background and Mrs Localventure playing Sudoku on my iPad) but I did download the new Google Search app this morning (admittedly the IOS version) which includes Google Now - I will see how this works for me but I have deleted Safari from the dock and instated Google Search instead - hopefully it will be useful and I will probably blog about it if I like it.

I mentioned my PMICast podcast this morning but would like to ask my blog readers to check it out if you get chance - it is the only UK podcast covering medical insurance and related issues. I focus on key issues for my medical insurance practice for both clients (individual and company paid) plus my professional introducers. The podcast is totally unique, short ( no more than 20 minutes, so it shouldn't take up too much of your valuable time) and I think is now finding it's feet in terms of content and general feel - if you get chance please check it out - there are now 8 episodes uploaded with new content every week or so. You can find the podcast on iTunes and at Theoretically you can obtain it via any pod catcher for smart phone although I'm finding issues with Pocketcast on IOS at the moment although it works fine on the Apple Podcast app. At the moment I'm getting about 2,000 direct downloads from the above website per month with about 1,500 people subscribing to the podcast via iTunes and other sites - however I would really like to expand the listenership so please tell any friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues and so forth whether they have PMI (private medical insurance) and need it reviewing, are thinking about this type of cover or simply like to listen to me bang on about a topic I am passionate about for 20 minutes or so every week.

If you cannot face the prospect of a business related podcast then maybe you could try my science fiction and fantasy podcast : Where's Wilson - this one cover Films and TV plus comics, martial arts and really anything we want to discuss. I host the podcast with my daughter Megan (aged 13) and my seven year old : Ryan is our special video games correspondent. It's light hearted and fun and at present there are four episodes uploaded with one pending (we saw Iron Man 3 last weekend and will be reviewing shortly) - again we seem to be finding our feet with this 'cast and listening back to ep 4 I literally laughed out loud three or four times in a 30 minute 'cast. Please check it out at and also on iTunes.

That's it for the wine fuelled evening ramble - back to normal business content tomorrow.



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