Friday, 31 May 2013

First world problem

Let me get this out of the way first. I understand that my diamond shoes really are too tight.

That being said, my office IT set up has been causing me a few problems in the last three or four months. firstly, intermittent broadband drop outs now seem to have been solved by a new router (although I am still considering upgrading to a fibre service).

However the computer situation has been a bit of a problem. I have a decent work horse iMac as my main machine but it is three years old and despite having a decent spec is now showing it's age a little bit. At the moment I can't justify an immediate upgrade but will wait over the Summer and see what options Apple releases for the next upgrade to the iMac range and perhaps look to change over Christmas.

For mobile work I switch between a 13 inch MacBook Air, a 1st Gen iPad and my trusty workhorse iPhone 5. The MacBook is fine for standard tasks but doesn't have massive amounts of RAM so has gotten a bit slow for a quick bit of work in the evening. The iPad has also become Mrs Localventures sole property so I had been using the iPhone for some quick and dirty note taking and word processing before sharing to the iMac for cleaning up. In practical terms I've had several evenings where I've wasted literally hours waiting for the MBA to boot up/catch up or messing about correcting things written in note form on the iPhone the following day.

So yesterday I upgraded to a new iPad 4th gen. I will of course report back at some point but so far very impressed. Great screen, fast processor (seems noticeably  faster than the iPhone 5) and importantly the wifi link to my base station is at least twice as fast as any machine in the house so I'm getting ethernet speeds of up to 11 or 12 meg down compared to to the 5 or 6 I get on the iMac.

I went for the 32GB wifi model - I find the iPhone fine for out and about surfing and occasionally will link up the iPad to the personal hotspot function if needed. Some may ask why I didn't wait for the next iPad - which could arrive or be announced at WWDC on the 10th of June. Well my research indicates that there are no likely major updates due, the 4th gen was only released in October 2012 so an update over the Summer is unlikely. The current A6X chipset in the iPad is pretty much state of the art so I'm fairly hopeful that nothing much better will arrive in the next 3 to 6 months.

My old iPad has a 16GB memory and to be honest I've never encountered a problem with storage but I thought a little more memory might help with a re-sale on the device. At the moment the plan is probably to keep the new iPad in the medium term but upgrade if there is a major capability upgrade. I also bought the device from Argos on a nine month interest free deal so theoretically I could sell the device, losing only a few tens of pounds and pay off the outstanding amount and not be much worse off if needed.

PMICast ep 12 :

New episode of the PMIcast will be released today - this will be a general news round up I think.

Wrote an outline podcast plan on the iPad last night (although it did take three hours + to download and instal my old iPad back up and apps first) and will be recording that today - so watch out for that too.

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