Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Credit Crunch or not ?

I think the general concensus around the country and in the media is that the recession and credit crunch seems to (tentatively) be over. The various economic indicators seem to show that the economy is slowly picking up and things will over the next three or four years improve markedly.

One of the most important issues and the things that I berated the media for in this blog some years ago was that of confidence. In particular the TV news, especially the BBC were responsible for undermining public confidence in the economy (I even called their main correspondent at the time : Robert Peston the 'voice of doom').

However, I witnessed something this weekend that I think shows confidence is really on its way back.

Visiting Liverpool over the long bank holiday weekend I was expecting it to be busy especially as it was forecast to be nice weather on the Saturday and Sunday but I have never been anywhere, to any event where more people gathered in one place - it was literally heaving with humanity.

The reason was of course that our visit had coincided with the War in the Atlantic event held at the Albert Docks - regardless of the reason though, all those hundreds of thousands of people were spending. In some cases like it was going out of fashion rather than only just coming back in !

So this has re-affirmed my view that the UK is on the brink of returning to a more normal financial position and that is something I will drink to !

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