Saturday, 18 May 2013

Jon Ronson and the Bildeburg Group

I've recently listened to some of Jon Ronsons work (using my Audible credits up) - this includes the following books :

Lost at Sea
The Psychpath Test and

For those who don't know, Jon is a humorous (often tragicomic in fact) journalist who works for the Guardian and writes about often outlandish, damaged or unusual people - this includes criminals, fundamentalist zealots, madmen and even David Icke and Noel Edmonds (and you can indeed include both of them in the same breath - read the chapter on Deal or No Deal at the start of Lost at Sea and the chapters on David Icke in Them if you don't believe me!)

I've enjoyed them all immensely (although as a skeptic, surprisingly, I've never liked 'The Men Who Stare at Goats' very much which I read several years ago) and wanted to recommend all three books here either as audiobooks - Jon reads them himself and is a very self deprecating narrator or in print/Kindle editions - does anyone buy books in paper any more ?

Of the three books I found Lost at Sea the most compelling, funny and emotional but I wanted to highlight Them,  I am currently reading (listening to ?) this audiobook and am staggered that prior to three days ago when I first download the book and began to listen that I had never heard of the Bildeburg Group - do a Google search on them yourself and see if you can understand why so little is ever discussed about this group and then read Jon's book and see if you can decide if they are a sinister new world order or just a group of boring CEO's playing golf once a year in a posh hotel.

Frankly it's got me flummoxed !

Have a good weekend.


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