Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Outdoor Blogging

Following a meeting this morning I am in Otley (small market town neat Leeds) having the brakes and tyres checked on my car by my local Kwikfit branch. As no formal appointment was available I dropped the car off at 11.30 and have to wait. It's now 13.41 and no word yet. 

I am however blogging from the nearby Garden of Remembrance (with benches, quiet and out of the way whilst still bring just 50 feet from Kwikfit). Normally I would find a local coffee shop and camp out there - however when I found a place earlier this morning with free wifi and sat down to order lunch and a drink I happened to ask if they accepted credit cards. Apparently free wifi is ok but the ability to accept a debit or credit card has not yet percolated to Otley's cafe culture yet. So I had to leave and just went to the local Sainsbury and bought my lunch there. 

Is it really any wonder that small businesses go bust when I'm left in the daft position of spending less money at a national supermarket chain than I would at a local cafe just for sake of convenience ?

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