Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The future of meetings

Today I attended a full day training/compliance day - this is a regular event held by my FCA compliance provider and for all consultants like myself who purchase compliance services from them attendance is in the main part compulsory holidays etc excepted).

So, around 70 people + various insurer and administrative staff and directors descended on a golf club in Northamptonshire (myself from Leeds) for a day of information updates, product training and general merriment.

But in this age of video conferencing and google hangouts what is the future of such - lets face it - expensive meetings ? The cost of personnel time used during such a session is immense and surely in this day and age cost prohibitive.

Although I enjoyed the day and found the content useful - I even gave a small talk myself on the issue of professional introducers - I have to question, not just for my compliance provider but for professionals generally is there a more cost effective and technology based solution to the problem of disseminating information to a geographically disparate bunch of people ?

I'm sure there is and will leave you to ponder this yourself but in the meantime my next compliance meeting is booked in for 3rd of July !


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