Wednesday, 1 May 2013

First post for May - welcome to the Spring !

Well it's official, the first day of the year so far I've been able to take my dogs out for a walk (Cocker Spaniel called Muffin and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel : Jasper) without a coat.

Beautiful morning in Leeds today - according to my Yahoo weather app (lovely design and good utility incidentally) a high of 13 degrees to be expected with wall to wall sunshine - Spring it seems has finally arrived.

Why not take advantage of the lovely weather by downloading the latest PMICast episode - ep 8 covers  key questions to consider when buying private medical insurance - in fact you could download all 8 episodes (on iTunes and at and go work in the garden or office car park !

Have a great day and if you can enjoy the nicer weather plus PMICast !

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