Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tuesday update and is the new Jonathan Creek series any good

The plans are well in place for the on-line PMI workshop I blogged about yesterday.

A mailing is prepped to go out to my introducer database next week and the special episode of PMICast is prepped and will go live next Tuesday covering all aspect of the event. I have also put together a You Tube special video episode of PMICast (No 7) which is uploading as I type - link to arrive tomorrow probably.

In the meantime the listening stats for PMICast are looking fantastic - we're up to 8,000 downloads in the last 30 days and rising strongly - so please keep listening and downloading - on iTunes and

Lastly, as I type I'm watching the second episode of three of the new Jonathan Creek series - the first one was a bit dull but this one seems more interesting - always liked JC but found the first episode a bit smug - this one seems quirkier and more in keeping with the way the program used to feel.

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