Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rant Time

Busy week and have gone dark on the blog for a day or two.

To get things back rolling thought I'd have a couple of rants.

1) Power companies

In the wake of the review on the big 6 power companies announced this morning I thought I'd rant about EDF - my price increased by over 20% in December 2013 despite the account being over £ 400 in credit and my being on a fixed price deal. To make this worse they didn't tell me about the increase so are in breach of the direct debit guarantee as well. I only found out three days ago when I happened to check a bank statement - on complaining apparently it's my fault for not sending them a meter reading. Brilliant.

2) Car Park

The clue is in the name - 'car' park. It's not a 'pedestrian' park (I think those are covered in grass and swings and don't allow cars to drive on them). I had to sit and wait as two women pushed their prams down the middle (literally straddling the white lines in the centre of the road with their prams) of the main exit out of a supermarket car park. They knew I was there and simply didn't care. Maybe they should have used the path to the side ??? Fantastic.

3) Restaurant disappointment

Visited one of our local fave restaurants and had one meal take 15 minutes to turn up after the rest of the main courses and one meal (mine) described as a Beef and Ale pie but was in fact a bowl of gravy with no pastry. Disappointing and overpriced. Sad !

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