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Professional Introducers and Private Medical Insurance (PMI) - Working with IFA's, Brokers and Accountants

My Career in Overview

In 1994 I went to work for a private medical insurance company called WPA Health Insurance. Then in 1995 moved to Guardian Health, then part of the Guardian Royal Exchange Group and now integrated into AXA PPP. In 1999 I arrived at BCWA Healthcare (now Simply Health) and then finally I worked for Standard Life Healthcare from 2002 to 2007 before leaving the medical insurance industry (although I continued to work in the health insurance sector both as an employee at First Assist and then RED ARC Assured and also as an independent marketing consult) and then ultimately setting up my own healthcare intermediary practice in late 2010.

So from 1994 to late 2007 I worked exclusively with IFA's and brokers as a consultant for medical insurers helping the brokers write volume medical insurance business both for their individual and corporate clients.

The future of introducers (non-specialist IFA's and brokers) in the PMI Sector

During this time I came to see that for sound business reasons the PMI insurers began to reduce the support they offered to smaller or non-specialist IFA's and intermediaries to the point that I would now suggest that if you are not placing regular PMI business with an insurer, month in month out it is has become very difficult to keep up to date on insurers plans, admin procedures and switch protocols. In addition many of the more niche insurers won't necessarily offer agencies to non-specialist brokers so remaining 'whole of market' becomes difficult for anyone other than a specialist like myself.

In short, although their reasons were valid many PMI insurers can no longer offer proper support to smaller or non-specialist healthcare brokers.

My unique selling points

So building on my experience of looking after IFA's, Accountants and General/Commercial Brokers over the years I have built up my own practice around creating professional introducers arrangements where I can offer an enhanced level of support on medical insurance business to my introducers and their clients. They know and trust that I can offer focused and professional advice/support for their clients. Of course the client therefore receives proper advice and their cover is up to date and meeting their needs and so on. The aim is to create a virtuous circle - access to the PMI market for IFA's and my other introducers and excellent advice for clients.

One of the key issues I like to raise with IFA's is that my work is there to add value to their practice over the years - so in working with them not only do I receive access to their clients, they receive a growing and profitable PMI book of business - I do not plan to go in to one of my introducers, sell a policy and disappear - I am not a 'one hit wonder' but rather the plan is that my support is long-term and on-going helping build value and profit.

In regular discussions with IFA's (I had two new IFA's contact me today for example) we often talk about their not having the time or personnel to offer PMI pro-actively to clients or desire to research the PMI market to keep up to speed and so on.

Product research, quote support, new business sales, claims and admin management - these are all areas I regularly support my introducers and their clients on.


Although I'm based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, I do look after both introducers and clients around the UK and in fact the world. I have introducers in the following major cities amongst others :

London, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Brighton, Hull, Cardiff and Belfast

On-line Support

I run a Linkedin Group called 'Intro Med' for my introducer clients, find me on Linkedin as Philip Knight and you'll see the group on the profile. Please feel free to send a request to join.

I also have an on-line document/marketing resource on Drop Box - e-mail me at : for a link to the public folder.

Lastly, listen to my weekly PMI podcast : PMICast - available on iTunes or at

Who can you help

Broadly any kind of professional adviser who wants to sub-contract their work on PMI - this might include : IFA's, general or commercial brokers, accountants, solicitors and a range of other professions - if you have clients who I could help we can probably come to some kind of arrangement.

In each case a professional introducer agreement is set up and fair, pre-agreed financial arrangements put in place so everyone knows what the requirements and logistics are.

Which Clients

I look after individual and group (company) clients for medical insurance, international medical insurance, dental and cash plan cover, sickness absence management, Employee Assistance Programs and health screening.

Anything health related basically.


If you are thinking of looking at your medical insurance portfolio or want assistance with any health insurance cases please do consider giving me a call (07792 075748) or dropping an e-mail ( or

I'm always happy to discuss medical insurance with anyone - even if you don't go on to become an introducer with me I'll always make time to answer any questions you might have.

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