Friday, 7 March 2014

Five and 'O' for March

So five working days in for March and five posts up and live.

Haven't put in place a general update post this week so thought I'd round off the week by doing so.

I have been keeping to my weekly podcasting schedule religiously recently and this week is no exception. So episode 19 is live at lots of juicy industry comment as well as the new business news feature. Please check it out on the website above or on iTunes. The listening numbers are right back up again and at the moment we are getting over 7,000 downloads/listens to the podcast every 30 days and this is growing weekly - so thanks for listening and keep telling your friends and colleagues.


If you are interested in a review of your medical insurance now is the time to contact me - lots of people have renewals in March and April so if your cover (either personal or company paid) is coming up to renewal give me a shout on or and I will gladly (as an FCA authorised medical insurance intermediary) provide a free review of your plan to ensure cover is up to date and meets your requirements plus of course, importantly, check you are not paying too much.


So that's it for another busy week. If you have chance take a moment to check out my You Tube Channel at I have around 12 videos there currently with more planned giving updates on various business and personal issues - mainly supporting my audio podcast.

You can also follow me on Twitter either at localventure1 (personal account) or philknightpch (business account) although I tend to send business stuff out through both accounts simultaneously.

Thanks and have a good weekend.


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