Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Season 3 of PMICast is now here ...

A fairly brief post today to mention three things.

1) the new ep of PMICast just went live on iTunes and at www.pmicast.podbean.com for the live web stream.

The format for PMICast seems to be working well and we now have around 8,000 listens/downloads each month which is well over where we were for seasons one and two. I'm broadly happy with the new format although always open to suggestions. I'll keep each season to a manageable 20 episodes (hopefully weekly) - Season three will run throughout the Spring and I'll then take a break over the summer hold before returning with Season 4 in September.

2) The on-line PMI workshop is now locked for next Tuesday 25th of March at 9.30am which you should know all about if you've been reading this blog or following me on social media. If you get chance you can listen to the above ep of PMICast which is a special on the event plus you can view the You Tube promo at :


3)  I launched a Patreon, on-going funding campaign for my podcasts yesterday and will cover this off in future episodes of both PMICast and Wheres Wilson but you can check this out and subscribe at :


The aim is to monetise things to the point where I can invest in sound equipment, tech and of course time to add value and news podcasts to the range to give my listeners better content all round. So please if you want to support my efforts, feel free to subscribe at the above link.

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