Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Secret Guide to your 'To Do' list

What makes for a good 'To Do' list ?

Well first of all in my opinion, make it bullet pointed,

* Sorry, make it bullet points

* Obviously prioritise - important first, least important last
* Actually make phone calls and appointments first - they're usually most important/client facing
* liberal use of underlining and bold and CAPS
* Regularly update
* Make sure you don't repeat
* Make sure you don't repeat
* Make sure you don't repeat
* Set yourself a limit on how many times you will carry forward an item to the next day
* Don't worry that you don't finish everything on the list every day
* If you do finish a given day's to do items always try to do at least one item from the following day - you'll feel better psychologically
*Set up evening and weekend to do items - that way non-urgent or non client facing tasks are done outside key client contact times
* Make it computerised not paper if possible
Always keep a back up in case you lose the master copy (iCloud us a good backup)
* Colour coding might help ?

Not an exhaustive list but hopefully interesting and useful in at least passing... now what have I got left to do now ?

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