Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Private Medical Insurance - subcontracting your PMI to a specialist

As you might gather from the blog post below this one earlier today working with IFA's, accountants and other professional advisers is a major part of my business activity and one that I am working hard to expand in 2014.

For me a lead from an introducer tends to be more productive than a directly generated one simply because the introducer has a pre-built relationship with the client and I tend to 'reflect in the combined  glow' of said relationship. The client is easier to contact, more receptive and ultimately more likely to buy. That makes my life easier and is ironically better for the client - we can get straight to the heart of the matter - our discussion of the correct medical insurance advice for them.

I hope that prospective introducers visiting this blog and considering working with me will find a lot of useful information here and of course it goes without saying that anything else you need please feel free to contact me directly. Contacts are in blog post below but the best way is via the blog e-mail which is :

Please feel free to look around on google to find out more about me. I am on Linkedin, Google Plus, Facebook and of course here. You can see my full business webpage over at my compliance providers website :

You will also find my posts, sites and comment if you google search terms around 'IFA subcontract PMI' or similar. I do not pay search engines to appear high on their pages but do so anyway by virtue of having worked hard in this sector and commenting on relevant subjects on-line. Hopefully this is all a useful 'calling card' indicating that I am who I say I am and that my support can be of use to your practice.

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