Friday, 19 July 2013

You Tube Channel Update

As this week has relatively quieter than normal (a function of the heat and summer holidays I suspect) I've had time to do some tweaking on my You Tube Channel and also post some new videos and launch a couple of new ideas and I wanted to give a bit of a break on the content, rationale plus also see if we can get a few people over there to watch videos and subscribe. Hopefully if you read and enjoy this blog or my PMI Cast podcast then you will get something from the YT channel. If you subscribe of course all new content will then be notifiable by e-mail so you won't need to remember to check back all the time.

I've added a new banner header : - this is the main home page for the channel

Hopefully this gives the channel a bit of a brand/identity and it also ties it in with my new podcast website :

More importantly I have amended the channels layout to be driven by playlists (actually I think 'content title listings' is more accurate description) which means that it is now much easier to find the video you're looking for. The playlists are as follows :

1) PMICast - these are the video accompaniment to my audio podcast on medical insurace : PMICast - available on iTunes and

2) Tech4Biz - the aim for this vodcast is to cover relevant business tech and IT issues and hopefully link it to the real world.

3) Business Vodcasts - these are general business items, sometimes linked to one or other of my business but probably more general or 'salesy' - they will be less regular than other vodcasts and maybe a bit shorter too.

4) PMICast Extra - this is a specialist resource for my PMI clients and introducers and I think pretty much unique. The idea here is to cover off some of the FAQ's posed by my clients and professional introducers

In total there are now nine videos and this will continue to grow over time.

Here's a link to the main playlist page which I think is the best way to get in to the channel and find the content.

I would welcome feedback and comments on the videos - I appreciate the content is fairly specialist - they're not necessarily designed to be 'entertaining' so no funny cats, dogs or honey-badgers but hopefully overall they are informative and will help update everyone on what's happening with PMI, my practice and business more generally.

Rather than keep checking back to the channel constantly I'd suggest that you subscribe to my feed to get up to the moment notification when a new video is posted. I'd also be grateful if any of the ads that appear are of interest that you would click through. Although the income from this kind of sponsored ad is minimal any revenue that is driven allows me to invest time in producing interesting and relevant content.

Lastly we're currently at around 150 views - please watch and tell your friends/colleagues and this will get the content to more people both directly and via google/seo presence.

Many thanks

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