Friday, 12 July 2013

Camping the Next Generation

When I was 11 I had my only real taste of proper camping when I went to the Lake District with middle school for three or four days.

It was proper camping in that it was two people to a tent - so cramped and uncomfortable, food was rotten. lots of walking and climbing and of course it rained like a bitch all the time.

In October 2011 my little boy (Ryan) then six now seven asked for a ten for his birthday. We got him, sorry, the Birthday Camel (long story) got him a two man tent with two sleeping bags. Someone foolishly said that when the weather improved, you've guessed it ... daddy would camp in the back garden with Ryan.

Fortunately the weather in summer 2012 was pretty much uniformly bad so the camp out never quite got off the ground. The current heatwave and my sons elephantine memory mean that I have no excuse and for the first time in over 32 years I am about to sleep under canvass. My next job is to 'pitch' the tent I believe is the vernacular - we have supplies : crisps and pop plus of course my trusty iPhone and iPad - luckily we're still within wifi range.

Ryan is excited, I am less so but here we go ..... I may be gone quite some time.  

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  1. It's the following morning now and despite being woken at 6.00am by the binmen (sorry recycling technicians) we survived, none the worse for wear. Slightly stiff back and a bit tired but all in all good fun !