Monday, 8 July 2013

E-mail Process

Been thinking about e-mails this morning.

I'm using various gmail accounts for my personal and some business uses (my medico legal business and the podcast are both on gmail hosted accounts) and my PMI business uses a Talk Talk e-mail account configured to look like a hosted address that is then inserted into Mac Mail to replicate out onto my iPhone and iPad in a kind of bastardised solution to a problem that arose with the Premier Choice e-mail system a couple of years ago.

The system isn't perfect (I can send and receive e-mail from the PCH account on my iMac and Macbook Air but only receive, not sent on my iPhone and Ipad for some reason) but I'm used to it now and although we are looking at an update I'm hoping it won't affect my work flow.

For me the key issues with regards to e-mail

1) Compatibility across my devices, and by this I mean instant, simple, no updating or tweaking

2) Speed of replication - info on the web travels almost literally at the speed of light - that how electrons work in wires. It annoys me therefore that it sometimes takes 2 hours for a mail to travel between servers - this is poor software underpowered hardware.

3) Attachments - there are lots of ways of sending large files to people but 10MB is not a large file - small files shouldn't be blocked by e-mail systems

4) Ease of manipulation - I spend hours a day in e-mail clients - I need to be able to add data and content at will and format it quickly - gmail is OK, Mac mail is better.

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