Friday, 12 July 2013

Been playing with podcasts for my business for a while now and I think it is an excellent opportunity to get my sales and general informational messages out to an enormous prospective client bank (PMICast has around 5,000 listeners per month after just 18 episodes and this is growing month in month out).

I've also been a fan of podcasting since 2007/08 when I first started listening on my iPod nano first gen (yes I'm that old !) - having now joined the on-line media revolution I'm now beginning to work on a business that will (hopefully) help others start their own successful podcasts (both business and personal) and indulge my own passion for this ever growing media.

Find out more at the website has only been live for two days and I've already had my first client contact me to discuss a series of marketing podcasts for a new product launch so clearly there is a niche within the market.

First thing to do is listen to a couple of my own podcasts : PMICast on iTunes and and then Where's Wilson also on iTunes and to see examples of both a business and then a personal podcast and then visit the new podcreateuk site to see how I'm planning to help new podcasters.

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