Friday, 19 July 2013

New daily Instagram initiative KEY NOTE blog post

Today I'm unveiling (launching?) a new daily video blog on Instagram video - the 15 second vid just points interested people towards one or other elements of my business or financial empire (?) - I'll try to put this in place once a day, Monday to Friday. If you're interested in finding it, simply search for me on Instagram - my member name is pkn4395

...... and just one more thing, as well as a unique new support to keep all my followers and interested parties abreast of my practice and thoughts I have also begun to develop a new series of short videos to support my clients.

The first two are already live at my You Tube Channel :

The first discusses the information and process I need to undertake a review of existing PMI cover for my clients

Then there is one covering completion of the PruHealth application form

These short videos are designed to be quick and easy to access for clients to see instantly what info I need or how a process in my advice to them works. If the video is relevant to a client I'll simply e-mail them a link to review the video feed.

This is unique in my market so far as I'm aware and will hopefully add value to what I'm doing with them. I'm calling this new video support service : PMICast Extra - obviously the videos won't necessarily apply unless you're a client in a particular situation but please feel free to check them out anyway !


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