Sunday, 7 July 2013

It's Sunny, back to training and cooking a Sunday lunch

Following my 1st Kyu grading two weeks ago (please see previous karate related posts) I am now back in full training. I actually did virtually no exercise in the week following the grading but this last week I've managed to get in both karate sessions - Monday and Wednesday (I posted about Wednesdays session in the week) and on Friday and Saturday I go in decent runs too. I've also picked back up on my kata practice and ran through all 11 Shukokai kata and most of my Tai Sabaki Do kata yesterday - a total of around 20 kata, I've also run through a goodly chunk of them again this morning.

Ironically whilst doing a little bit of housework yesterday I also managed to pull a muscle in my lower back, left side which is causing some mild discomfort, which is why I'm not running today and have stuck to gentle kata this morning - hoping this won't affect my full karate work out on Monday evening !

Well it's a beautiful Sunday morning and I have the in-laws around at noon for Sunday lunch and afterwards we are hoping to get out into the garden (please see my previous post for a (blurry) shot of my back garden). So enjoy the sun and back to work tomorrow !

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