Sunday, 21 July 2013

Riffing on Evernote

As it is both the weekend and a few days before I go away on holiday (26th of July but don't worry clients, I am in the UK and will have my full mobile office with me and will be working at least part of every day) I am slightly changing the focus of my work over the next few days and doing less proactive marketing and looking at ensuring everything is 100% up to date and considering some of the work 'thought processes' I might mull over whilst I am away - things to improve the service I offer to clients, take the business forward and so forth. This is something I often do whilst I am away, when the 24/7 work pressures aren't quite so intense. For example, the decision to set up the business as it is now was taken whilst away on holiday in 2010.

One of the things I'm beginning to sketch out on Evernote (one of my current favorite apps and one I'm using increasingly) is a two pronged approach to business - one is scalability - the way of growing, efficiently the scope of this business and then also integration, offering a more solid approach to both client support and also to my business interests in general. I suppose in many ways it is a case of working smarter rather than harder - an age old business mantra. But having had a taste of financial success in 2012 and early 2013 I am really keen to take things forward in a positive way.

Not 100% sure what that looks like right at the minute but maybe after two weeks on hols it will be clearer.

Just to reiterate, although posts during the week here may fall off whilst I am away I am still up and running to support and client or introducer query !

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