Monday, 15 July 2013

My You Tube Channel - pkn439

You can find my You Tube Channel by clicking the following link :

On the channel there are two main things of interest. Firstly you'll find my occasional PMICast vodcasts. At the moment there are three episodes live - some are full versions of the audio podcast episodes (on iTunes and at and others shorter more specialised segments just for the video podcast. Either way if you're interested in my business, podcast of healthcare insurance in general then they are worth checking out.

There is also my new Tech vodcast : Tech4Biz which will focus on business related tech issues and the first one is an overview of my home office system. The next one, which I'm hoping to get live this coming week will be covering some of the tech elements of a marketing process I'm planning for some clients. If you're an introducer to my medical insurance business or are interested in becoming one, then this will be great for you. There will also be a tie in episode of the audio PMI podcast as well.

More on all this later in the week.

In terms of views I'd really like to get more people watching the videos - so please tell your friends and colleagues - at the moment we've had 94 views of all videos and I'd like to get to over 200 to make them more 'credible' please have a view and if you like please leave feedback or 'likes'.

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