Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Holidays ... Yay !

Today is my last full business blog post until Monday the 12th of August, when I return from my Summer break (I will be down in Devon with my family from Friday the 26th of July but am in full prep and packing mode tomorrow !).

My kids : Megan (13) and Ryan (7) on the beach at Oddicome near Torquay
around three or four years ago

The last month or so has been a very odd business period with large volumes of business in the pipeline but very little converting to actual new business as people enjoy the sun, BBQ's and obviously going away. I for one will be glad, from a business perspective when we hit September and things get back to normal.

One tip though for late summer sales and marketing. Every year I reissue all of my marketing information, beginning with everything sent from 1st of June onwards a second time in early September. This is a good way of ensuring those people that you missed or were away do get the sales message and it usually means (in my experience) that October and November are much busier months.

Last thing to mention, as I allude to above, whilst away I won't be as pro-active on social medical as usual for obvious reasons. I will be doing the odd post here when I get chance (probably travelogues or personal posts) but I will try and keep people updated via two main media : Twitter and the best one to look out for is my main person account : localventure1 - please feel free to follow me, and also I may do the odd thing on Instagram which I'm playing with for business and you can find me there as user : pkn4395.

Take care and have a good summer and thanks for the on-going support of my readers here.

Don't forget incidentally to check out my podcasts on iTunes search for PMICast or Where's Wilson and at the web stream :


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