Friday, 6 June 2014

PMICast new episode coming soon !!!

Embarassingly I know it's been ages since I managed to get an episode of my podcast up and live. I am pleased to announce, officially :

There will be a new episode of PMICast today and it’s a doozie - 25 minutes of PMICast goodness !!!!

I managed to find time to record it this morning and I'm in pre-production (adding the theme and checking I didn't swear etc) as I type listening to the basic audio. I will load it onto pod bean today and it should be live around lunchtime on the 6th of June.

It is one of the best ever I think and as we move towards episode 50 (more on the numbering of the podcast in the ep itself) I'm more excited than ever about the impact and role the podcast has in my business and more generally as a tool for those interested in medical insurance and related topics.

In this episode there is double content for introducers and also extra PMI coverage too - it's IMHO the best ep so far - please enjoy.

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