Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Echo of the past

It had started off as a relatively quiet month in June, April and May have been frantically busy but this month kind of seemed to drop off the deep end. However in the last couple of days leads have started to come in and the work pile up again. Primary amongst this is work from my introducers who have as always been stellar in terms of sending over clients for me to work with.

So although the business isn't flying in for the month yet I have around 15 or 16 active client cases/reports out there in the real world waiting for follow up or second meetings/discussions.


Had a bit of an odd e-mail through from a marketing company this evening. It seems to be a link farm business wanting to pay me to include a blog post with a link here. Interestingly, if you go back to the earliest ever posts on Localventure you'll see that as originally envisaged this blog was designed to be a local business advertising site (hence the blog name) and I even toyed with setting up a business charging local businesses to advertise/blog on the website. Playing with the format and content over some months I eventually decided there wasn't sufficient revenue that could be driven in such a competitive advertising market. So when I relaunched the blog as my main business 'organ' two years ago this old idea died a death.

So back to my e-mail - I replied to them and gave them an outrageous price to advertise here - doubt they'll come back to me but interesting echo of the past purpose of the site for me.

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