Monday, 16 June 2014

Big Birthday Bash

Tomorrow PMICast, my private medical insurance podcast, is 50 episodes old tomorrow. Its over a year since I started but I've finally managed to drag myself to the first big achievement. I really never thought it would get so far so fast. As originally intended the podcast was going to be monthly but it quickly settled into a weeklyish schedule. The format has also varied over time but has settled into a reasonably stable breakdown of product advice and introducer news plus more recently a bit of more general business news and comment.

We've built up a decent audience over time and now average around 7,000 listeners to the various episodes per month but I'd like to double that over the next 50 episodes if possible - so please tell anyone you might think could be interested. It's also worth checking the PMICast podcast stream as I also have another couple of semi regular podcasts - there's Where's Wilson my SF and Fantasy podcast (a bit more light hearted) plus Afternoon Train which is a train of thought rant type affair.

The new episode tomorrow will also feature the first in my every 50 ep 'industry awards'.

So I'll record at some stage tomorrow morning and try and get the details up around lunchtime all being well - check out iTunes, and your favourite pod catcher tomorrow.

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